By Sarah Ferguson

From High Voltage Fashion MagazineSummer 2018

Everyone knows and loves the infamous bikini, but ever wonder where it came from? For decades, bikinis have been giving women center feeling pretty, feminine, confident, yet, vulnerable, but who do we owe this to?

After World War II, French engineer Louis Réard introduced the bikini, borrowing the name from his design from the bikini atoll atomic bomb test. The bikini owes It’s notorious itty-bity reputation to material rationing after the war. Nowadays, bikinis are the most common form of swimsuit for a woman, So it’s hard to imagine someone refusing to wear one. About 60 years ago, the first bikini made its appearance at it inside Paris fashion show. It was so scandalous at every single model refuse to wear it. So, the designer had to go outside the fashion world for help from someone who wasn’t afraid to show off their body, a stripper.

Now you’re probably asking why there was such a controversy over the skin above the bellybutton versus the skin below, and we’re wondering that too, But shortly after This controversy with bikini became global. And once this trend caught on, there was no stopping it.

Despite whoever said the bikinis were for “perfect figures and the younger crowd only“ in the 1960s, women of all types around the world are now rocking their favorite bikinis during the summer time and are loving it. The bikini is giving women a new sense of confidence with being comfortable in their own skin. It is become a fashion statement in today’s society, no summer wardrobe is complete without this iconic summer item. Made up of endless patterns, shapes, cuts, colors, and textures, bikinis and swimsuit to become one of the most part popular articles of clothing sold around the world.